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The Trust Vector



Business is primarily built on Trust. Be it with the customer or vendor or internal teams, trust builds strength, fosters belief, creates bridging thoughts and leads to success. Airizen firmly believes in building Trust with all our stakeholders from the very first connection to standing by that established trust to the very end.
Our value system and our ethos drives our every decision and action. Building Trust is integral to our value system which in turn drives our business, our success. While we strive and stand committed to our business goals, we also firmly believe in the continuous improvement, betterment and development of our greater community, nation and humanity.
Established in mid 2019, Airizen has created a products and services. The team is a rich mix of technology enthusiasts, domain experts and highly experienced business consultants with decades of experience.
AirizenERP is Airizen’s flagship product with its modules including the CRM for Sales & Lead Tracking, Estimates & Proposal, Employee, Purchase & Vendor Management, Production & Planning, Project Management, Financial Accounting, Stores-Inventory Management, Delivery-Dispatch-Logistics Management and such others.
¬†SDMS or Scheduled Delivery Management System is Airizen’s take on managing & scheduling order-deliveries. SDMS includes an ecommerce window that allows our customer enterprises to do business online with their customers.
EDTrinity is the third product of Airizen. It is a unique and well thought out school management system aimed at better management of the internal & admin affairs of any educational institution. Schools, Colleges including Professional, Technical Education providers can leverage EDTrinity.
We intend to build more products & services and build on our existing product offerings to ensure that they stay relevant, deliver as intended and ensure the continued success of our customers.